Watch your foot traffic and brand engagement skyrocket!

NRG Street Charge®
Solar Charging Station

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This charging station, which recharges mobile devices with solar power, is an innovative way for experiential marketers to create a buzz around their event. It's a valuable addition to any trade show company's fleet of offerings.

Key Benefits

  • Make your event the place to be with solar power for mobile devices
  • Watch foot traffic and brand engagement skyrocket
  • Tell your story with built-in custom signage

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Street Charge® Solar Charging Station features:

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Customizable signage tells
your story.

Night and day

Replaceable battery
keeps charging even when the
sun's not out.

Secure installation

Temporary or permanent
installation is easy.


Weather-resistant cables,
sturdy construction.

"We are working toward reducing our impact on Earth, and this is one more innovative solution from NRG that gets us closer."

Estuardo Escobar
Innovative Media

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