NRG Street Charge puts your business on our location map! And identifies your brand as environmentally conscious

NRG Street Charge®
Solar Charging Station

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This charging station, providing solar power for mobile devices, is an innovative way for commercial real estate owners and retail businesses to transform their space into a customer-centric destination where people come together to connect and engage.

Key Benefits

  • Recharges visitors' cell phones and tablets with solar energy
  • Drives foot traffic, increases stay time and engages your crowd
  • Puts your business on our location map
  • Identifies your brand as innovative and environmentally conscious

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Street Charge® Solar Charging Station features:

Brains and beauty

Customizable signage
ensures brand

Day and night

Replaceable battery
keeps charging even when the
sun's not out.

Secure installation

Temporary or permanent
installation is easy.


Weather-resistant cables,
sturdy construction.

"Sustainability is a top priority for Rising Realty buildings. The Street Charge® Station is exactly the type of creative green initiative that serves our tenants and community without harming our environment."

Rachel Lee
VP Asset Management and Development
Rising Realty Partners

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