Sustainably powered by solar panels, customizable to fit your brand and charges up to six devices day or night.

Features and tech specs

The charging station's award-winning design is a blend of style and function that provides safe, clean power for mobile
devices in any outdoor setting – keeping visitors fully charged and engaged.

Sustainably powered

Three solar panels turn renewable
energy into free, clean power for
mobile devices.

Your logo here

Custom signage identifies your brand as
innovative and focused on user comfort.

Charge it all

Charges up to 6 devices, including
iPhone® and Android, simultaneously
– as fast as the outlet.

Day or night

A replaceable lithium battery keeps the station
ready to energize a crowd even when the sun's not shining.

Secure installation

Temporary or permanent setup is
quick and easy for 2 to 3 people,
with no hardwiring.

Technical specifications