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Offer free, clean power

This phone charging station harnesses the power
of the sun to keep users fully charged and engaged
at the places that host them.

See how an NRG Street Charge® Station creates a place for people to come together.

Turn your location into a destination with an NRG Street Charge® Station

With the draw of free, environmentally-conscious power, commercial real estate owners and retail businesses can highlight their commitment to customer experience while increasing foot traffic and extending visit times. Customizable signage helps experiential marketers and trade show companies drive brand engagement when event planning. And the award-winning design is easy for architects to incorporate into their spaces.

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"The NRG Street Charge® Solar Station is a convenient, eye-pleasing 'modern phone booth' harnessing the sun to keep our modern technology in operation."

Justin Phillips
President, Sycamore Energy Inc.